Tree Pruning Guelph

Tree Pruning Guelph

Tree pruning in Guelph is a common practice. Afterall, the city is almost 200 years old and has a strong agricultural background.

Now just because we have a lot of trees (and we do) doesn’t mean we can’t make some changes.

Improperly maintained trees will obscure even the most beautiful of homes.

In this article, I will discuss the most common reasons trees need to be pruned or trimmed for the health of the tree and the beauty of your property.

Tree Pruning Guelph

Reasons for Tree Trimming Service

Tree Branches Hanging Over Fence

I’ll start with a personal experience of mine. I had a neighbour with a Black Walnut tree on their property and a lot of it’s branches hung over my fence.

While the tree provided shade and privacy it also dropped walnuts on my yard.

Every fall my arms would ache from raking up walnuts.

Guelph City by-laws state that any branches hanging onto your property can be pruned by the property owner. So that’s what I did and so can you!

Dead Tree Branches

Eventually some of a tree’s branches will die. Dead branches are typified by their lack of leaf growth and a visibly grey and dry appearance. These branches need to be pruned for a few reasons.

Firstly, a tree will continue to send nutrients to these branches even though they will not be of use, thus creating strain on the actively growing branches.

Secondly, dead branches will become frail and are susceptible to falling off the tree in high winds or heavy snowfall. Above all, these branches should be removed immediately to avoid this.

Lastly, apart from the health of the tree, dead branches are also quite an eyesore. Dead branches can create uneven blots on even the most beautiful tree.

Tree Branches Covering Up Home

I already touched on this in my introduction, but tree pruning can go a long way to adding some serious curb-appeal to your home.

Trees grow with no regard for who’s view they are blocking, however we can adjust this growth to suit our needs. 

What’s the point of having a beautifully maintained home exterior if there’s a huge tree preventing anyone from seeing it?

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Tree Pruning in Guelph needs to be performed for both cosmetic and practical purposes.

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