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Different Techniques For TV Wall Mounting Guelph

tv wall mounting Guelph

Everyday, in houses all around you, people are hiring professionals for their TV Wall Mounting in Guelph.

If you listen close enough, you can actually hear the holes being drilled into their walls…(listen for it).

Last year alone, approximately 45 million TVs were purchased in North America. That’s a lot of holes in a lot of walls.

But obviously, not every TV is created equal, and neither is every home. Because of this, there are a variety of factors that you must consider when you plan to mount a TV.

Common TV Wall Mount Installations

Just like life,¬†TV Wall Mount Installations¬†aren’t always easy. I’ve seen it all and there is always a solution to difficult TV Mounting.

Up next I’ll discuss the most common special circumstances with¬†TV Wall Mounting in Guelph:

swivel TV mount Guelph

Corner TV Wall Mount

This type of installation requires a specific type of bracket known as a Full-Motion Mounting Bracket. While it can be tricky it’s obviously something I’ve done before and just requires the proper equipment.

Fireplace TV Mount

Mounting a TV Above A Fireplace has it’s hazards, but in this case it’s less about the bracket and more about the anchoring hardware.

Fireplaces are usually surrounded by masonry materials and not drywall so special anchor fasteners must be used.

Mounting TV On Plaster Wall

Similar to the Fireplace TV Mount, this type of mounting is also dependent on the anchor fasteners. Plaster is just as strong (or stronger) than drywall and can hold the heaviest of TVs when properly mounted.

Shelf Under TV

Have a soundbar, gaming console or other device that connects directly to your TV? No problem. TV Wall Mount With Shelf is very common and can be added once your TV is mounted.

Outdoor TV Mount

Who doesn’t like the idea of sitting back and relaxing by the pool with a cold drink watching the game?

Mounting TV Outdoors requires re-enforced brackets and hardware, but you also have to buy an Outdoor TV specifically made to withstand the elements.

As you can see, whether you’re Mounting TV Above A Fireplace, in a Corner or Outside, I can handle any of your TV Mounting Services.

The Cost to Mount TV On Wall is small compared to the enjoyment you and your family will get from having your TV installed by a professional, right where you want it.

I can have your TV mounted in a couple of hours before the big game or the new season of your favourite show drops. Contact Me for a FREE Quote to mount your new TV now!

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