Choosing the Right Colour for Your Garage Door Painting in Guelph ON
Is As Simple As Opening Your Door

Garage Door Painting Guelph ON

What’s the first thing when family and friends pull into your driveway?

Like it or not, it’s your Garage Door.

Your garage door paint colour says a lot about your home. Just because your house was built in the 80s doesn’t mean it has to look like it!

Adding a fresh new colour by painting your garage door can go along way to bringing your home into the modern era. 

And talk about curb appeal! People will be getting sore necks staring at your freshly painted garage door when they drive by.

Now that we know the advantages of a garage door re-painting I’ll discuss some common questions about Garage Door Colour selection.

Should I Match My Garage Door to my Front Door Colour?

This really depends. Most experts will say not to do this as your front door should be the main focal point of the home. If your front door is recessed, however, matching the front and garage doors make work well.

Can I Paint my Garage Door Any Colour?

No. It’s important to look at all the factors when choosing what colour to paint your garage door. If the door gets a lot of sun using a Black paint will cause too much heat absorption and colour warp the door panels.

Should My Garage Door Colour match my Brick?

Matching the new colour of your garage door to your existing brick colour can be beneficial. You can always paint your garage door a different colour, your brick on the other hand, isn’t going anywhere.

Some experts believe that matching to brick can also allow you to obscure your garage door and have them fade into the brick. This can cause your home to look bigger and accent other features of the home like the front door.

“I Can’t Decide What Colour to Paint my Garage!”

Woah, easy now, no need to get excited! When in doubt, painting your garage White will neve disappoint. Many home have white accent features which allows a white garage door to both blend as well as accent. 

See, that wasn’t so hard. Now you know some of the basics of how to choose the right colour of paint for your garage door. But hey, if you can’t decide I can help. Drop me a Quote request to do your Garage Door Painting in Guelph!