3 Signs It's Time to Unclog Kitchen Sink in Guelph ON

Smelly kitchen sink got you down?

Thinking of getting a garburator to avoid a clog?

If your sink looks like the gross picture below, it’s too late for you to DIY this issue. Click Here to get in touch with me and I’ll unclog your kitchen sink in no time and have your kitchen fully operational again!

In the meantime, I’ll show you the most common signs that it’s time to clean out your kitchen sink drain.¬†

Unclog Kitchen Sink Guelph
  1. Smelly Kitchen Sink Drain – Need to put a clothes-pin on your nose to do the dishes? Pretty obvious, if you’ve got a smelly sink drain it’s the beginning of a clogged sink. Food particles can get stuck in your sink trap and you’ll want a professional to clean out that drain ASAP before it gets worse.
  2. Slow Draining Kitchen Sink¬†– Waiting minutes for the water to leave the sink drain? If the water isn’t flowing down the drain it may be the beginning of the end. This is a sure fire sign it’s time to get someone in to check your kitchen sink plumbing before the drain becomes completely in-operable.
  3. Kitchen Sink Backing Up – First you get the smell, then it’s draining slowly and finally it’s fully backed up. Unclogging with baking soda won’t work and it’s time to call a pro handyman with the right tools to unclog that kitchen sink drain pipe before your in-laws come over for Sunday dinner.

Don’t be afraid to wash the dishes when company comes over any longer!

Stop the sore arms that come from constantly having to reach for that plunger!

There are few worse things in life than a clogged kitchen sink. If you don’t unclog that kitchen sink soon it could cause water damage to cabinetry or countertops. So, before the situation gets out of control and causes any water damage, do yourself and favour and call in a professional like me.

I unclog kitchen sinks in Guelph ON, it’s that simple. Contact me now and let me help you!